DMCA Copyright Services

You are probably already aware of the fact that in order to avoid costly copyright lawsuits, your website must adhere to the strict provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).  While it may feel like a burden, the act actually provides almost complete protection against copyright lawsuits – provided you follow the act BEFORE you get sued. 

Experience shows that most websites don’t set up proper copyright offices until after they are hit with their first lawsuit.  But by then it is too late, as I have personally witnessed a site lose a multi-million dollar lawsuit to content copyright owners -- simply because they hadn't followed the provisions properly.  And it isn’t even enough to follow the rules – the rules must be followed quickly and accurately. 

Even if you have a support call center for your website, are your agents trained to handle copyright complaints?  Do they have access to a copyright attorney at all times if they need advice?  Do they have a CRM tool that addresses the DMCA workflow?  And, even if you have set up a copyright office already, imagine how nice it would be if someone could just take care of it all for you.  And if you haven’t – perhaps it is time to start looking into it.

Here are some of the many benefits of the Cryptix service:

  •         Better training.  Cryptix hires full time employees for agents, and can afford to train these agents deeply in this specialized area of law. 
  •         Better decisions.  Our trained agents always have access to copyright attorneys, to help with any difficult cases.
  •         Better tracking and reporting.  Cryptix has a custom workflow application that keeps track of multiple repeat offenders, the exact status of the case, etc.  And this is all available to you through a customer portal.
  •         Better technology.  Cryptix takes a fingerprint of each piece of content that it is asked to review, along with the eventual decision by the agent.  Fingerprints are then anonymously pooled in our unique “crowd-sourced” database, allowing for all Cryptix customers to benefit from each other. 
  •         Reduced caseload.  Cryptix can supply code for your website, that allows your application to take a special fingerprint, and send it to our web service to “ask” if the content has been flagged anywhere in our database.  If so, your website can take action BEFORE the content is ever posted to your site – reducing cases, and helping you to maintain good relations with copyright holders.
  •         Cooperation with content holders.  Cryptix is actively working with content holders, to have them provide us a list of the content fingerprints that they care the most about (new releases, best sellers, etc). 
  •     Flexible pricing for our beta customers.

Impressive list, isn’t it?  Now, some people say to me “how can a stealth start-up provide so much?”  I’d like to show you how.  I’m sure that when you are enjoying the freedom and peace of mind in knowing that your copyright complaints are being handled quickly and accurately, you will look back at this time and be glad that you took this step.  And the sooner you reply, the sooner we can get started. 

Monte Toren
Owner, Cryptix Security LLC